Schools services

OFSTED have identified many strengths in the special educational needs and/or disabilities system. One area that Ofsted are placing an increased focus on is educational settings showing how external provisions and training can impact on a child’s development.

Approximately 1.4 million children in the UK have long term speech and language needs; Deniece Dyer’s Speech and Language service aims to show impact through using measurable well-researched and high-quality training and interventions to support individuals with communication needs.

Deniece provides a service which involves her attending educational settings for an agreed amount days per academic year; this could involve attending settings for full days, half days, a block of sessions or one visit. How this time is used can be directed by the educational setting themselves with some guidance from Deniece.

School packages could include:

Deniece provides 3 levels of support; universal, targeted and specialist levels which are dependent on individual's needs.

All Deniece requires is:

  • Access to a fob in order to move around educational settings with ease
  • Access to a computer and printer in order to print speech and language resources
  • Access to a computer to create a speech and language shared folder on the drive with relevant speech and language resources.
  • A quiet space for 1:1 and small group sessions to take place in school